We have the means to track and control the conditions for success, and a collaborative way of working to spread that passion and focus throughout the project team.

The leadership and direction we can bring to a project is strengthened by a whole business approach, which draws on our in depth market knowledge, expertise and understanding of all the process involved. Our key strength has always been adding value throughout the design process.

Orchestrating the team as the Project Manager provides us with the opportunity to ensure the fullest delivery of that value. It is our belief we not only the ability to take on the responsibility of this position, but also the enthusiasm and determination to ensure that we make a success of it.

Detail’s service will comprise of multidisciplinary professionals with the necessary experience, expertise and capability to successfully plan, manage and deliver the project.

Our Project Management team draw upon the various professional disciplines within Detail to deliver the right level of advice, expertise and experience to fit the needs of the project, business and stakeholders.

The key success factors of our approach are based upon a proven track record and our ability to fully comprehend our Clients requirements, to identify all potential operational, business and technical risks involved in the process and to implement robust project management and control procedures that are focused on effectively managing out these risks to acceptable and controllable levels.

It’s all about engaging with the project team and making the project plan work for them. Leading and motivating them to perform and fulfil their appointed duties from pre-qualification to completion to ensure timely delivery of functions and design information.

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