Detail offer a comprehensive Construction Management or Design and Build service either in the traditional format – from a concept to the finished building – or where the plans have already been drawn up to be adopted by us, as contractor.

This is not ‘construction’ as you once knew it. It’s a fresh approach to the process of building undertaken by individuals who love what they do.

We take the business of building buildings very seriously, and for that reason we absolutely insist on keeping all channels of communication open. Which means we prefer to talk, discuss and resolve at all stages of the process.

Dedicated to your product and your business needs.

Design and Build:

  • By bringing together specialist team members with a common purpose and an open innovative culture, Detail provides a complete Design & Build service, with benefits far beyond traditional procurement.
  • Integration of design & construction components provide greater flexibility
  • Value added engineering
  • Reduction in project time
  • Flexibility to alter design & specification
  • High degree of cost certainty
  • Economical solutions

Construction management.

Detail has built its reputation on its construction management service. In this role of construction manager, we partner with our clients, acting in their interest and managing every element of a project from programme to cost. Because  it is a risk sharing, professional form of contract, construction management also offers maximum flexibility for our clients.

We keep construction management at the core of our business because it relies on fresh thinking and collaboration from the start—both key parts of our values.

Underlining transparency, collaboration and mutual benefit.

Offsite construction:

Through our increasing use of Offsite and standardisation in our mainstream activities, we assess all projects and provide the optimum construction solutions based on project specific drivers. This delivers cost, time, quality and environmental improvements to our clients.

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